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Hello Friends & Family,

I love gift giving! I welcome the practice of generosity that affirms our inter-relatedness and care for others. 

My gift giving ritual centers on reconnection with friends and family, reconnection to my ancestors and reconnection with myself. I like to make homemade gifts of okra gumbo or vegan crab cakes for my friends and family and personally deliver them, collecting lots of hugs and kisses along the way. Using the stillness of the winter, I look at old photos and tell stories about the people who’ve gone from this place and the gifts they gave me; ones that emphasize the need for sharing wealth and the blessings that flow from living a helpful, service-oriented life. 

For myself, I shop from the Runway Gift Guide. From Ancient Treasures’ Beauty Formula to Pietisserie’s Raspberry Chocolate Crust Pie – so yummy–the products are beautiful and thoughtful reminders of the abundance we can create when we come together. The greatest gift of all, to be demonstrating community wide care and connection to one another, offers us what is truly needed this season. 

We wish you a joyous and rejuvenating end to the year. We are so grateful for all your support.
With love and gratitude, 

Candice Cox, Founder of Candid Arts

Candice Cox, Founder of Candid Arts

Welcome Candid Arts to the Runway Family!

We are so pleased to welcome, Candice Cox, the founder and creative mind of Candid Arts, to the Runway Project Family! Candice is an Oakland-native that makes unique, eye-catching accessories inspired by African visual culture, indigenous design vernacular, and cosmic geometry and all made from recycled materials. Candice's work has been showcased by publications such as GQ, Runway News, and Rolling Stones magazine. Check out & support her work here!

Gourmande Founder, Vicktor Stevenson with Esscents of Flowers Founder, Ariana Marbley

Gourmande Founder, Vicktor Stevenson with Esscents of Flowers Founder, Ariana Marbley

The Runway Project Featured in Yes! Magazine

How Funding Black Businesses Can Help Bridge the Racial Wealth Gap. Featuring Runway Oakland businesses Escents of Flowers & Gourmonade!

G.W. Chew, Founder of Something Better Foods

G.W. Chew, Founder of Something Better Foods

SF Chronicle Features The Runway Project

Startup loans to black entrepreneurs to ‘interject some balance in capitalism’. Featuring Runway Oakland business, Something Better Foods.

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