Why I would invest $25 million of MacArthurs $100 in the Runway Project.

The Runway Project needs attention and capital. We could replicate the Runway Project all across the country for $25 million, out of MacArthur's $100 million to build the network in the way that would create an easily replicated models of creating community wealth, using our analysis and strategy and action tools coupled with friends and family funding gap bridging tools. The Runway Project would ride on top of the CD buyers network in Impact Hub communities. These would be places where people had seen, lots of people and stakeholders in the city had seen, through the door to door sales and events and local media campaign that you really can invest in justice and make money.  We could build the SOCAPLocal or Neighborhood Economics Network event off of that epiphany. People who buy will have acted their way into a new way of thinking; able to invest in all of us and invest intelligently in themselves at the same time.

But why is the Runway Project worth getting one fourth of the $100 million? Because it's that important to get the smartest poor kids in the game, the entrepreneurs whose talent and ideas we need to react well to climate change and the systemic risk of wealth disparity. 

The Runway Problem exists to solve the friends and family gap for entrepreneurs whose friends and family can't come up with the $30,000 the Census Bureau says an entrepreneur needs to launch.  It's a problem everybody sees, but very few are working on.